Diego Sartirana

Diego Sartirana

Diego Sartirana
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How to Glow! Tutorial on Glowing by IntoTheFrisson on DeviantArt

You can do this in most art programs that offer layer blending modes (Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Fire Alpaca, Etc) Well, here it is! How to Glow! Tutorial on Glowing

ૐ Mudra ૐ  para Energía Poderosa

Mudra for powerful Energy– raising hands to Solar Plexus area clasp the hands- the ring fingers straight & pressed flat against each other, & the other fingers interlaced. The right thumb rests on top of the left thumb & the left pinky finger is the last

Skeletal Sketchdump by Canadian-Rainwater on deviantART via PinCG.com

Skeletal Sketchdump - Different kinds of Skeletons in different poses: lying, dancing, walking, making fun - Head study - Drawing Reference