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a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a stair case in a home
21 Clever Hidden Door Ideas to Make Your Home More Fun
This article presents some hidden door in wall ideas in order to help you create the perfect design for your home. #HiddenDoor #SecretDoor #SecretPassage #DoorIdeas
an intricately decorated room with couches and rugs on the floor in front of a window
I am half-sick of shadows
Furniture almost unnecessary. So gorgeous! Moroccan livingroom.
an empty room with bookshelves and cabinets in it
Great alternative to a!
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to large window covered in bright colors
I Am the Ocean
an image of a living room with chandelier
gypsy eclectic home furnishings | ... bohemian home pinterest home decor interior design exotic eclectic
a room with rocks and plants in it
2010年9月 – いとをかし京日記
small space Japanese garden
a living room filled with furniture and a round window
perfect nook for reading
a bed with pillows and lamps on top of it in front of a wall mounted mirror
Reading nook
a window seat in the corner of a room with bookshelves and pillows on it
Love this nook.
a living room with white shuttered windows and red couch in the corner, surrounded by green pillows
Comfy bay window seat. Love the end tables built in. This has nap time written all over it!
an ornately decorated indoor swimming pool with blue tiles and gold trim around the edges
Indoor Pool
indoor pool at the Hearst Castle in California
the inside of a building with blue tile walls and flooring, reflecting water in it
Roman Pool at Hearst Castle
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by blue tiles
Hearst Castle / California. The indoor mosaic-tiled pool is inspired by Roman baths....beautiful
two white shelves filled with toys in a room
So fun for kids! Hidden room behind bookcase.
a living room filled with lots of books on top of a book shelf next to a doorway
Bookcase and reading nook all in one!