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a wheelbarrow filled with flowers and lights
Glitter and Mason Jars
Glitter and Mason Jars
the garden is full of flowers, plants and old fashioned things to grow in it
Two Men and a Little Farm
an outdoor area with grass, bushes and trees in the background is lit up by lanterns
Botanical Tower on frosty Virginia morning
an old rusty watering can is sitting in the middle of some flowers and greenery
Williston Forge Modlin Metal Invisible Flowing Spout Watering Can Fountain Brown 34.0 x 22.0 x 22.0 in | Wayfair Canada
Add some country charm to your home and outdoor décor with the fountain! This charming fountain features a unique display of watering cans and pots with water flowing from an invisible spout. This fountain is constructed of durable, weather-resistant iron to withstand rusting and provide years of quality use. The freestanding fountain features an internal pump that keeps the water flowing whenever it's plugged in and can hold up to 11.1L for your convenience. Whether you place it in your backyar
an old fashioned water pump in the middle of a garden
Meeting Annie Steen
a tree that has some kind of hanging planter on it's back side
Repurposed junk garden
As greatly inspired by many – I've turned my love of junk to the outside of my house with a quite-a-bit of junk-influenced gardening. Hope you enjoy!