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the nativity scene is made out of plastic beads and wood, with an image of jesus
Pesebre En Puntillismo | Pesebres Para Colorear 9ED
the painting is colorful and has lots of dots on it, as well as butterflies
Gallery | julie-ryder-art
an easel with a painting on it and the words, punttlismo por punt
Puntillismo y mandalas - Celina Emborg
a purple and black painting with gold dots on the bottom is sitting on a wooden table
Vibrant purple, lavender & gold dot Mandala on 5"x 5" stretched canvas!
This beautiful representation of a mandala is an original design and each dot is carefully placed with my hands onto a 5” x 5” stretched canvas board using acrylic paint from my small art studio in Portland, Oregon. It has been signed by me on the back and finished with a coat of glossy acrylic
an assortment of pens and pencils are lined up on a white surface next to each other
Aprende cómo decorar botellas con la técnica del puntillismo
Aprende cómo decorar botellas con la técnica del puntillismo ~ Mimundomanual
a colorful christmas tree made out of beads
an abstract white flower design on a black background with space for your text or image
beautiful dot art painting
Resultado de imagen para beautiful dot art painting
a woman's hand holding a coffee cup decorated with beads
Mandala Artist Hand-Paints Mesmerizing Patterns on Ceramic Plates and Mugs
Mandalas en tasas
two black coffee mugs with colorful designs on them sitting on a wooden table next to other cups
#dotdotdot #mandala #dotmandala #thedottedturtle #edmlifestyle #edmonton #canadianartists
a purple canister sitting on top of a wooden table