Poncho/ capelet in wheat            ♪ ♪    ... #inspiration_knit #diy GB

hand knitted woman cotton Poncho/ capelet wheat sweater - ready to ship

hand knitted Poncho/ capelet in wheat by MaxMelody on Etsy (knit a little longer. dress, or even a caftan)

Tutorial: conejito tejido a crochet (amigurumi bunny / easter)

Tutorial: conejito tejido a crochet (amigurumi bunny / easter) complete in Spanish tutorial

Patrones de Tejido Gratis - Spanish site Beautiful in it's simplicity and free   1 of 3

Patrones de Tejido Gratis - Spanish site Beautiful in it's simplicity and free 1 of 3 Más

#collar #tejido al #crochet - crochet,argollas,cadena tejido al crochet

One spiral as a long necklace would be cool

Tejidos Kangél: botas a ganchillo o crochet

Ravelry: Cozy Slippers Crochet Boots pattern by Holly Mock

Tejidos Norita

Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer maybe Caley will make this for me. I want to hang it on my bathroom door.

Knit Cowl Scarf Knit Oversized Chunky Red Cowl

Deep Red Chunky Knit Cowl Scarf Snood Womens Scarf Womens Knit Snood Winter Fashion Winter Accessories

Knit Cowl Scarf Oversized Chunky Red via Etsy (zukas)

Zapato con tejido

Zapato con tejido ~ Added to this board, but link not yet checked on

colcha, cubrecama, manta tejido a mano en crochet colcha lana,fibra acrilica crochet  tejido

Design and colour for wallet

collar y pulsera victoriano #steampunk dorado tejido en #crochet. Diseño original de DIDIcrochet, €24.00 crochetnecklace #crochetshop

Steampunk necklace, gold necklace, necklace bracelet, crochet necklace, choker necklace, gold choker

Steampunk necklace gold necklace necklace bracelet by DIDIcrochet

Cubrecama tejido

Have a good, colorful night! Community of Arts and Crafts

Outstanding Crochet!  ¡Tejido excepcional!

OK, she needs a cami or something under this, not just a bra, but how cute is this crochet top!

#DIY #crafts So cute.

The Simple Craft Diaries: No sew T-shirt scarf necklaces

statement,statement necklace,evening,cocktail,silk,dragon,mermaid,scales,crochet,black,golden,crystals,glass pearls,elegant,

statement,statement necklace,evening,cocktail,silk,dragon,mermaid,scales,crochet,black,golden,crystals,glass pearls,elegant,


every pirate has a treasure chest.


Pink Yarn -- Big Herringbone Cowl pattern by Purl Soho (knitting, infinity scarf, in-the-round, the purl bee) (free)