pretty dipped strawberries

pink chocolate dipped strawberries: cute idea for a girl baby shower and if its a boy just change the colors (or for Valentine's Day)

rainbow party!

Budget-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

make a polka dot cake!

How To: Make a Polka Dot Cake -- On the Inside!

Bake cake pops inside a cake for dots! By Once Upon a Pedestal: Polka Dot Cake from Bake Pop Pan

Oreo Bark..mmmm

Cookies and Cream Oreo Bark

Cookies and Cream Bark _Bakers Royale: A 20 minute, 2 ingredient, sweet and simple dessert filled with Oreo goodness.

valentines day cookies <3

Pink heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day . Corie the ones you made were oh SOOOOO yummy!

cotton candy-a perfect summer treat!

Pastels See's Fudge Recipe Pumpkin pie playdough instead of candy for a school treat pink cotton candy bars

polka dot shakes!  place cut sides of marshmallows to sides of cups, pour in shake ")

Sweet Paul's Strawberry Polka-Dot Shake~Marshmallows in a milkshake? I guess if you're going to go for the milkshake, throwing in a couple of marshmallows won't make all that much of a difference! Besides, it makes a great looking milkshake!

pink lemonade!

pink lemonade!

confetti pancakes!

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Birthday Cake Pancakes: perfect birthday breakfast especially for little ones! pancake batter flavored by cake mix & sprinkles