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The idea of computer design for say building a model is very daunting to me as i am not confident in any type of computer modeling software. I may stay away from this field thought the experience could be either enlightening and make me want to continue m

Icone stool by Ashkan Heydari

Icone stool by Ashkan Heydari Furniture,Furniture design,Industrial Design,Product Design,

The Miss K Table Lamp by Philippe Starck for FLOS

The Miss K table lamp was designed by Philippe Starck for FLOS. The lamp is sexy and black, and brings a subtle touch of eroticism to your desk or bedroom

Zuiver staande lamp Tripod wit

Zuiver staande lamp Tripod wit

Anta staande lamp Afra

Anta staande lamp Afra


In addition to providing focused, direct light for the reading of newspapers or novels, classic reading lamps add an architectural feel to your living spac