Vertical garden designed by Susie Frazier - link to explanation how to make in the blog post

DIY this vertical terrarium to grow herbs indoors. No instructions but looks easy to do with some mason jar "pots", threaded rod, wood and bolts.

Macetas colgantes.

Hanging Trellis Herb Garden greengardenhome: “ The idea of an herb garden is a good one, especially for those looking for low maintenance gardens. That said, the idea of a bunch of little pots all.

Un jardín vertical de hierbas aromáticas

Un jardín vertical de hierbas aromáticas

Jardín vertical con cubetas de aluminio

Beneficios y ventajas de los jardines verticales

creatividad...: hermosa mini huerta para interiores vertical

MASON JAR HERB GARDEN - Attractive & clever way to plant fresh herbs without them taking over your entire yard! I would definitely do this on the side of my house.

Disfruta como nunca de tu terraza con esta genial idea para decorar terrazas. #decoración #terrazas

☀ Terrazas ☀ +77 Ideas Que Te Volverán Loca

10 ideas para jardines verticales

10 ideas para jardines verticales

😁I am seriously obsessed with herb gardens at the moment! I find buying herbs, they go off within a few days and cost a fortune to keep buying!

Ideas increíblemente frescos del jardín de hierbas para contenedores | El Guante de jardín

Insanely Cool Herb Garden Container Ideas

diy vertical herb garden trellis wall, gardening, Herbs and flowers hang from a trellis With daily watering they did great in the well draining pots plus they provided a beautiful scent and tasty ingredients for our summer cooking

Guía de hierbas para cocinar. Infografía |

Guía de hierbas para cocinar. Infografía

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