Breakfast/Kitchen Area and Small Kitchens

If you have an eat in kitchen, here are some pins with ideas for how to style that space. It's probably an area where you spend a lot of time, so just a few…
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Do you have a kitchen with 8-foot ceilings? Changing the height of your ceiling is not an option, but you CAN give your kitchen an updated look by updating the light fixtures. Even if the ceilings are at the low end of the normal range, eight feet, lights can make any room feel light and open.
Are you looking for kitchen organization ideas? Here are simple kitchen pantry ideas perfect for easy storage and pantry organization solutions. #fromhousetohaven #pantryorganization #kitchenstorage #kitchenpantryideas
Do you have glass front cabinets in your kitchen?  There are some amazing photos out there with cabinets filled with gorgeous white dishes but what if you don't have those.  See how you can style your cabinets even if you don't have the perfect dishes inside.

Small Kitchen Inspiration

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hutch decor three designer styling tips
Hutch Decorating Ideas: 3 Designer Styling Tips
Discover creative ways to style your dining room hutch. From showcasing your favorite dishware to adding personal touches with decor, these ideas will transform your space. Learn how to arrange items beautifully on open shelving, making your hutch a focal point of your dining room. Explore tips and tricks for creating a cohesive and stylish look that enhances your dining experience.
two images of kitchen cabinets with text overlay style glass front kitchen cabinets Ideas, Inspiration, Design, Cabinets, Glass Cabinets Display, Glass Cabinet Display Ideas, Glass Kitchen Cabinets, Glass Cabinets, Cabinet Doors
Makeover Your Kitchen with Glass Cabinet Display Ideas
Transform your kitchen with these glass cabinet decorating ideas. Learn how to style your glass front cabinets to create a beautiful and organized space. This blog post provides practical tips and inspiration for homeowners looking to give their kitchen a stylish and functional makeover.
soapstone kitchen countertop with text overlay guide to soapstone kitchen countertops benefits and care
Soapstone Kitchen Countertops: Benefits and Care
Discover the unique benefits of soapstone kitchen countertops and how to care for them. Our guide explores why soapstone is a great choice for kitchens and provides essential maintenance tips to keep your countertops looking pristine. From daily cleaning to long-term care, we cover it all.
kitchen sink remodel for modern kitchen in an old house
Modern Kitchen Update in an Old House
Discover how to bring a fresh, modern look to your old house with our budget-friendly kitchen renovation steps. This comprehensive guide walks you through the process of updating your kitchen, from planning to execution. See stunning before and after transformations that will inspire your own project. Start your kitchen update journey today and achieve a stylish, functional space that blends modern design with classic charm.
steps to paint kitchens with text overlay countertop redo with counter paint Small Kitchens, Kitchens, Diy, Updated Kitchen, Countertops, Paint Countertops, How To Paint Countertops, Laminate Counter
Budget-Friendly Kitchen Update: Paint Your Counters
Give your kitchen a stylish update without breaking the bank by painting your countertops. This tutorial walks you through the process, from preparing your surfaces to applying the final coat. Ideal for those looking to refresh their space, this guide ensures a smooth and lasting finish on laminate counters. Enhance your kitchen's appeal with this affordable DIY project.
butcher block kitchen island with text overlay how to maintain butcher block countertops
Essential Tips for Butcher Block Countertop Maintenance
Learn how to protect and maintain your butcher block countertops with our comprehensive guide. Find out the best practices for cleaning, oiling, and repairing wooden countertops to keep them looking their best. Discover the types of butcher block and what makes them unique, ensuring you make the right choice for your kitchen.
tablescape decorations with text overlay patriotic 4th of july table setting ideas 4th Of July, Patriotic Centerpieces, Patriotic Table Decor, Patriotic Party, Patriotic Decorations, 4th Of July Celebration, 4th Of July Trivia, Blue Table Decorations
Easy 4th of July Patriotic Tablescapes
Get ready to be inspired by the most delightful and patriotic Red, White, and Blue Tablescapes. From the tablecloths to centerpieces, each detail is crafted with love and a dash of creativity, perfect for the festive 4th of July celebrations! Don't miss out on these easy and elegant decorations that add a spark to your patriotic table!
coffee serving station with text overlay coffee station ideas for the countertop Coffee Stations, Kitchen Countertops, Countertop, Eat In Kitchen
Stylish Coffee Stations for Any Kitchen
Transform your kitchen countertop into an elegant coffee station with these creative ideas. This blog post dives into various styles and setups, from minimalist to rustic, showing you how to blend decor and functionality effortlessly. Learn to utilize your countertop space efficiently, ensuring that your coffee station is both a practical and attractive addition to your kitchen.
kitchen renovation with text overlay kitchen exhaust hood ideas Suits, Kitchen Exhaust Hood Ideas, Kitchen Exhaust, Microwave Vent Hood, Best Range Hoods, Gas Cooktop, Range Hood Cover, Range Hood
Vent Hood Selection Guide: Elevate Your Kitchen Aesthetics
Transform your kitchen experience with the right vent hood - a perfect blend of style and functionality. This guide offers an in-depth guide on range hood covers, exhaust fans, and much more. Learn how to select the best hood that suits your kitchen needs, aesthetics, and budget. Don't miss these vent hood tips for your kitchen!
dog eating on kitchen rug with text overlay top kitchen rug picks for kitchen sink area Kitchen Mats Floor, Kitchen Rugs And Mats, Kitchen Rug Under Table, Farmhouse Kitchen Rugs Under Table, Rug Styles, Kitchen Rug, Floors, Kitchen Floor Mats
Top Kitchen Rug Picks for Kitchen Sink Area
Looking to add some style to your kitchen sink area? Discover the best mats and rugs for in front of the kitchen sink that can withstand high traffic and elevate your space. Don't miss out! See the features your rug should have!
kitchen update example with text overlay five tricks to update kitchen on a small budget Kitchen On A Budget, Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen Hardware, Under Cabinet Lighting, Small Budget, White Countertops
Update Your Kitchen on a Small Budget
Is your kitchen feeling a bit out of date? No need to shell out big bucks for a full renovation! We will guide you through simple and inexpensive ways to refresh your space, making it feel like new without breaking the bank. Number 2 is so easy - you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner!
breakfast nook images with text overlay breakfast nook ideas on a budget Reading, Breakfast Nook Ideas Small, Office Nook, Nook Ideas, Study Nook, Small Desk
Breakfast Nook Ideas: Small Space Renovations on a Budget
Imagine a cozy, functional, and budget-friendly nook in your small space. Sounds like a dream, right? With our tips and tricks, we turn that dream into a reality! Discover the magic of nooks with 'How to Create Nook in Any Small Space On a Budget - Design Morsels.' Be it a breakfast nook, office nook, or reading nook, we've got you covered. Ready to transform your space? Learn how to design your nook!
kitchen design with text overlay complete kitchen remodeling checking create your dream kitchen Home, Rooms Home Decor, Kitchen Remodelling, Home Décor, Kitchen Remodel Planner, Kitchen Remodeling Projects, Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Checklist You Can't Miss
Remodeling your kitchen is a significant undertaking – but with the right steps and attention to detail, the results can be life-changing. That's why you need the 'Complete Kitchen Remodeling Checklist.' From planning to execution, this comprehensive guide will ensure you don't miss a single detail in your kitchen transformation journey. See this checklist!
kitchen with text overlay affordable countertop ideas Affordable Countertops, Countertop Ideas, Kitchen Area, Kitchen Makeover, Small Kitchen
Affordable Countertops Options for Kitchen Makeovers
Dreaming of a kitchen makeover without breaking the bank? Look no further! We've got your back with our top affordable countertop ideas. With these Design Morsels, you can transform your outdated countertops into the sleek and stylish centerpiece you've always wanted. See which option will work in your kitchen!
a kitchen table with four chairs and pictures on the wall above it that says best marble cleaning hacks for bathrooms & kitchens
Unleash the Secret Power of Marble Cleaning
Are you fed up with marble etch marks on your beautiful marble countertops or floor tiles? It's time for a game-changing transformation! Discover the secrets to maintaining your marble surfaces and keep them shining with our Best Marble Cleaning Hacks for Bathrooms and Kitchens. Say goodbye to etch marks and hello to a sparkling marble surface. Don't wait, click to learn hacks!