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Fritz Hegenbart 1864-1943 "Hegenbart’s work stands out for conjuring the slightly grotesque allegories I often like to see: The woman aiming an arrow from inside a serpent’s jaws represents Malice"

fall of man // venusmilk: Etching by Fritz Hegenbart Arts and Crafts: The Journal of Applied Arts and Crafts since 1851

The Monolith. An ancient artifact of destructive power waiting deep in the earth for someone to reactivate it.

I have recently discovered the most amazing Zdzislaw Beksinski and his surrealist paintings.

Las Diferentes ordenes de los caballeros, sus escudos y uniformes

What constituted a "Crusade"? How and when did the Crusades begin? Why did people go on Crusade? What impact did the Crusades have on Europe?