I love the idea of using cross-stiching hoops as photo frames - what a great idea! I also love the idea of putting a window seat in a child's room - great for extra seating and much-needed storage; this idea may work well under the two windows in our to-be nursery. SUPER CUTE mobile.

Boulton- for Bullseys- Light & Bright: Happy Sun-Drenched Nursery

Baked clay ornaments from WhiMSy love. I did something similar for christmas gifts last year.

WhiMSy love: Tutorial: Clay ornament/tags using Fimo soft polymer clay. Simple necklaces, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, package tags with a person’s initials. Seems like a fun, simple project for a girl’s sleepover. Stamps are used.

Tent, clubhouse, secret fort … the possibilities are endless.

Tent, clubhouse, secret fort…the possibilities are endless.

5M Creations: Rainbow Art Party- art / paint cake

Looking for a colorful party idea? Here are some rainbow art party ideas that you can check. These ideas are perfect for your kids birthday party

Çocuklarımız İçin 30+ Mükemmel Doğum Günü Pastası Tasarımı

Çocuklarımız İçin 30 Mükemmel Doğum Günü Pastası

Paint splat cake. Easel made from bamboo skewers and cardstock. Rest buttercream.

Easel made from bamboo skewers and cardstock.