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a painting with blue and green colors on the bottom, in a brown frame hanging on a wall
Painting on Yupo paper – Spirit of Water Color
a painting of birds flying over the ocean at sunset
Basking in the Sunset Art Print by Joe Mandrick
a painting of the beach at sunset with clouds in the sky and grass on the ground
A Moment Of Tranquility Acrylic Print by Lucie Bilodeau
an oil painting of the sun setting over the beach with sea oats in the foreground
Seaside Glory
a painting of the sun setting over the ocean
Serene Ocean Sunset by Steph Moraca
a person is holding a paintbrush and painting the sky with watercolors on paper
How to paint sunrises and sunsets - Artists & Illustrators - Original art for sale direct from the artist
How to paint a sunrise and sunset
a hand holding a paintbrush and writing on a piece of paper with clouds in the background
How to Paint a Simple Cloudy Sky in Watercolour by Bob Davies
Dropping in the shadow coloour
watercolor painting of white flowers against a purple and yellow background with green grass in the foreground
Negative painting with daffodil leaves
Ann Mortimer's fantastic tutorial/demo on negative painting with daffodil leaves. She uses a wet on wet technique to place the lights and darks, then goes more into details. This makes the color more cohesive than painting each leaf on its own from the start. Cool!
a painting of a sunset with clouds and mountains in the background
How to paint watercolor clouds
a watercolor painting of clouds with blue arrows pointing to the top and bottom one
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
How to paint 5 different watercolor clouds
a person is holding a pen and drawing on a piece of paper with watercolors
Painting Tutorial: Watercolor Painting with Annie Strack
Step-by-step how to paint stormy seascape
three pictures of the same painting being used to paint an orange and blue sunset on paper
Lesson #24 Painting a Sunset in Watercolor
Mara Mattia Art: Lesson #24 Painting a Sunset in Watercolor