Office Holiday Party Games

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Debra Chemotti

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Games

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange is great for groups of 8 - 15 people and your roll will determine what happens next. Pass, Keep, Steal or Unwrap your gift! Works for all ages

26 Fun Christmas Party Games Everyone Should Try This Year

Wondering how you will entertain your guests over Christmas? We have an excellent selection of fun Christmas party games to choose from.

How to make the Saran Wrap Ball Game Eco-Friendly

How to play the popular saran wrap ball game without the plastic wrap. Learn how to wrap the ball in eco-friendly materials and still have a blast!

What’s in you Phone-Free Printable Christmas Game

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Saran Wrap Ball Game for Christmas - From This Kitchen Table

This Saran wrap ball game is the perfect addition to your Christmas. Here's the best way to play and suggestions for what gifts to put in the plastic wrap!

Saran Wrap Ball Game Gift Ideas

I kept seeing videos of families playing the Saran Wrap ball game a few weeks ago and decided to try it out myself. From what I’ve heard, there are several versions you can play. The gist is …

20 Ideas for Christmas Party Games | Crafty Blog Stalker

These 20 Ideas for Christmas Party Games will have your group laughing and having fun! Click here for the game links!