He's mine, bitch

He's been mine bitch, always faithful, for 15 years now. You went to a high school dance with him and "dated" for a second 17 years ago. It's 2014 honey. Get over this obsession already and love your own damn husband and kids!

Start again

Everyday is a chance for a new beginning. It's Monday, a new day a new week a new start . Have a great one

Time changes everyone

Time changes everyone love love quotes life quotes quotes quote life

She's not cold hearted, she's just tired of getting fucked over

She's not cold hearted, she's just tired of getting fucked over

Yes Dad, Every Guy I Know Is My Boyfriend

I wish you understood dad. Not every guy I hang out with is my boyfriend but there my friend maybe I have more guy friends then girlfriends because I don't want any crap started. Maybe u should ask be for u judge❤

One boy Thousand feelings.

One boy, thousand feelings. quotes quote words word sayings saying quotes things love romance boyfriend girlfriend boyfriend and girlfriend falling in love! I feel this way a lot!

Can't wait for christmas

Cant wait for Christmas christmas merry christmas christmas pictures christmas ideas happy holidays christmas quotes merry xmas happy xmas

Bad hair day

Bad hair day

Feelings On     Off

Turn your feelings.ON A lot of people say I don't want to catch feelings. So they try to shut off their emotions. But I feel like life is about feeling, experiencing the good and the bad. It's good to feel, feeling makes us human!

it's time to believe in my self

it's time to believe in my self

I'm the girl. You text me first Or we don't talk today.

I don't text you! You text me or nothing.