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a couch covered in lots of different types of cards and envelopes sitting on top of each other
Organizing Board Games with Zippered Pouches- pretty little social
a pink binder with a blue pen on top of it and a student data book
How to Create a Calm Down Corner in 5 Easy Steps — Creatively Teaching First
a bulletin board with writing on it in a school hallway that says if you give a third grade pencil
Love this board
a child's hand holding a pink plastic box filled with lots of colorful toys
Teacher hack: add yarn to create journal bookmarks
the quadd squad poster is hanging on a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it
two pieces of paper with different types of writing on them, one is perimeter and the other is area
a bulletin board with words written on it and a potted plant next to it
classroom ideas
Classroom motivation
a person is holding a name tag in front of some beads and magnets on a table
Kristina Zucchino on Instagram: "A student gift that’s easy, affordable, cute and thoughtful? Yes, please! #teachersofinstagram"