February 2024

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a kitchen sink with a floral design on the front and side, next to a window
Fantasy Style Faucet Draining Mat, Self Absorbent Draining Mat for Kitchen Counter, Diatom Mud Kitchen Faucet Mat Sink Splash Guard, for Bathroom & Kitchen (B)
PRICES MAY VARY. 【Faucet Draining Mat】Every time you use the faucet, water collects on the countertop under the handle?Try this fantastically styled draining pad. This sturdy, flexible Dish Drying Mats stays in place, drains well, and keeps the countertop dry!!!!! 【Powerful Absorbency】Because the material has sufficient absorbency, water on a typical countertop is often completely absorbed within seconds. 【Anti-Slip】The back of the draining mat has a rectangular textured finish that allows for a