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100 Tiny thins you could be grateful for right now. Express your mindful gratitude every day and transform your life. Be grateful for the things you hae and for who you are. Best things to begrateful for. Attitude of gratitude/Gratitude journaling/Be grateful/Be thankful/Self-improvement/Self-development #Gratitude


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Accept Your Season

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The Minimal Mom

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Creative activities

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Relaxing things to do

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37 Fun Activities That Will Re-Introduce You to the Power of Play — Always Well Within
How to spend time in nature? Here are 22 ideas on fun things to do alone outside! This post is all about benefits of spending time in nature, creative outdoor activities for adults, list of things to do in summer by yourself, ways to spend more time outside, free outdoor activities for adults, fun activities to do outside by yourself at night and simple things to do outdoors when bored in fall or spring.

Outside Fun

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Do you want to live more simply? If so, enjoy these 7 simple living podcasts to inspire you! Everything from decluttering to slow living and simple parenting.

Simple Podcasts

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They say April showers bring May flowers. There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a hot beverage or book when it’s pouring outside. But you may feel bored or sluggish during a rainstorm at times. Stuck on what to do when it’s pouring outside? Try out these rainy day activities for adults! ☔ #thingstodoonarainyday #rainydayactivities
Grab this list of the best things to do on a rainy day. 125 rainy day activities for adults (indoor and outdoor) to have fun, relax and organize your life. Many of these ideas are also great to do with your family or kids.
Grab this list of the best things to do on a rainy day. 125 rainy day activities for adults (indoor and outdoor) to have fun, relax and organize your life.

Rainy day activities

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End your month with these 5 important tasks to set yourself up for a better and more productive new month | things to do at end of month | end of month checklist | how to end your month | things to do before start of new month | habits + routine

Month end

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Cleaning tips and hacks for a clean house. Learn how to keep a house clean when you don't have time. Busy people who have a clean home usually have some daily chores to do to keep the home tidy. Simply adopt the cleaning habits and routines in your daily life.
Why Adding a Weekly Laundry Day to Your Routine  Makes Your Days Easier


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Here are 20 inspirational lists that will help motivate you to improve and better your life starting today.
7 Enchanting Cottagecore Color Schemes - Explore Wall Decor


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Hygge living

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Learn the concept of "peopling" your space with decor that adds warmth, comfort, and a sense of human presence.

Cottagecore living

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As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, and the crisp autumn air invites us to cosy up in warm sweaters, it is the perfect time to embrace the joys of old-fashioned fall hobbies. These wonderful, timeless activities bring a sense of relaxation and help us connect to a slow-paced life!


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Simple pleasures

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Tips for a clean fresh bedroom. | Healthy Living | Home Tips
Up for a little homemaking challenge? Try this challenge for seven days and you’ll be homemaking like a boss (the good kind!) within a week. Find a morning routine for moms that works for you.
Here are 10 productive things to do every night before bed to include in your self care routine - Night routine before bed. night routine ideas | things to do before sleep | before bed routine | healthy sleep habits | nighttime routine | evening routine ideas | productive night routine | how to stay productive | productive things to do at home | healthy night routine | night routine for women | self improvement tips | night time routine ideas

Clean House

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Discover the secret to a serene morning with our guide to the best slow living morning routine. Embrace mindfulness and start your day with calm and clarity.
Transform your mornings into moments of magic with our Slow Living Morning Routine tailored for women. Dive into peaceful rituals, mindful practices, and soul-nourishing activities for a serene start to your day.

Morning routine

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Take control and create your Simple Summer. Post #1 of the #SimpleSummer series: Release. Refresh. Relax. {Plus: Free Printable Checklist} |
It’s easy with people with beautiful homes, right? But what if your home isn’t beautiful? What if it’s outdated, painted orange, and looks out over a field of poison ivy (been there). How do you find a way to love your home when it’s like that?

Summer Routine

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A husband asked the internet if he was wrong to clean the house and vacuum near his pregnant wife because, according to her, it might disturb and stress the unborn baby.


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Struggling with homemaking? Read my daily homemaking routine and create your own daily schedule! READ NOW! #dailyhomemakingroutine #dailyschedule #dailyhomemakingschedule #christianhomemakingroutine #oldfashionedhomemakingroutine #homemakingscheduledailyroutine #dailyroutineformoms #homemakerroutine
Join us on a journey to transform your home into a haven of simplicity. Our simple homemaking strategies focus on easy-to-maintain routines, clutter-free living spaces, and an approach that brings order and harmony into every corner of your home.
5 things that are stealing your time as a homemaker

Adult Friends

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12 things you should do every night before bed for success. bedtime routine for sleep trouble. night routine for good sleep

Evening Routines

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How to create a cozy fall morning routine | cozy mornings | autumn morning routine | productivity | personal growth |
Add these 10 morning Habits into your morning routine for success, productivity, personal growth and self improvement. These morning habits will change your life and help you have a superb day | Morning routine | healthy morning routine | healthy morning habits | healthy morning routine | personal development | self improvement tips
How to Finally Simplify Meal Planning - It's My Favorite Day

Meal Planning

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Men/Women are different

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