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a neon heart with the words 30 messages pour diree tu me manques mon amour
30 SMS pour dire tu me manques mon amour - Gulamour
an emoticive smiley face with two hearts on the nose and one in the other's hand
Cartoon Round Kissing Face Emoticon Making Air Kiss Stock Vector - Illustration of kiss, feeling: 46947628
Illustration about Illustration of Cartoon round kissing face emoticon making air kiss. Illustration of icon, mouth, face - 46947628
a couple kissing under a tree in front of a building with the caption,
Mais je compte bien être ton dernier ……..
Peut être que je suis arrivé trop
the words are written in black and white
Site Web indisponible
toi et #moi être à #deux et être #heureux c'est #tout ce que je veux !!! #proverbe #proverbes
the words are written in pink and white on a pink background with red heart shapes
a pink background with the words in french and an image of two hearts on it