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How to Add Variety to Meal Prep Chicken!

Separate a cookie sheet into thirds using tinfoil and create three different clean-eating marinades to make your Meal Prep Chicken for the week!

24 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two

Whether you're wooing an S.O., sharing with a roomie, or want leftovers for lunch tomorrow (rather than the whole week), these easy meals are just what you need.

3 Ingredient Ravioli Bake (A.K.A. Lazy Lasagna)

This quick, easy and cheap dinner recipe is perfect for the family! It's made with 3 simple ingredients, and is absolutely delicious. An excellent main dish idea for any busy mom or dad!

Low-Calorie Dinner Recipes for Two

Find healthy, delicious low-calorie dinner recipes for two from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Chocolate Cheesecake Mini

Chocolate cheesecake mini recipe made to serve two. Chocolate cheesecake in a chocolate crust, topped with chocolate covered peanuts! Tin roof cheesecake.

Tater Tot Casserole Freezer Meal - One Hundred Dollars a Month

If I’m ever preparing for a trip where I’ll be leaving Monkey Boy and the HH at home, they always beg me to make sure I leave something delicious behind and lately, this is the freezer meal they’ve been requesting. It’s their favorite freezer meal, which is weird because every time I prepare it I […]

Freezable Grab & Go Lunches {Beef & Chicken} - Meal Plan Addict

Having a few freezable grab and go lunches ready is a life saver for busy weeks I don't have the time to meal prep. Here are my favorite 3 instant pot

Individual Broccoli Cheese Quiche for Two • Zona Cooks

This Individual Broccoli Cheese Quiche is smooth, cheesy and creamy on the inside with a perfect flaky crust. This version is vegetarian but you could easily add in meats and other veggies. This small batch recipe for two makes a great breakfast, lunch, or impressive date night dinner.

60 Healthy Dinners That Are Perfect for Date Night

Cook up a healthy and satisfying dinner without all the extra leftovers. These healthy dinner ideas for two are perfect for the job!

Easy Freezer Meals - Sloppy Joes - One Hundred Dollars a Month

I’ve been making this sloppy joe recipe I got from my friend MamaJJ because my whole fam loves it, and because it is so much better than that crappity crap canned stuff. But then I decided to take it a step further and turn it into freezer meals, so I can just grab a bag […]

Dinner for Two Easy Recipes with Printable Menu | Weekly Meal Plan

Dinner for Two easy recipes are featured as part of our Weekly Meal Plan with printable menus available for you to plan dinner this week!

Small Batch Brownies

Small batch brownies that serve two. Make brownies in a loaf pan, cut it in half for two servings of brownies. Add M&Ms or sprinkles, whatever you like.

Individual Bacon, Spinach and Mozzarella Quiche Recipe - SevenLayerCharlotte

This individual quiche recipe is a result of my obsession with these mini tart pans. My post from Friday included them, and I have already used them multiple times this week – in blueberry crumble tarts – and now in these individual quiches with bacon, mozzarella and spinach! This quiche recipe is perfect for breakfast, …

Freezer Cooking for 2: 21 Meals in 1 Hour - The Little Frugal House

Looking for a freezer cooking for 2 plan? You're in the right place! If you've…

5 Tips for Cooking for One - Carly the Prepster

One time I found this incredible looking recipe on Pinterest; it really looked delicious. I was super excited to try it out, so I printed it and went straight the grocery store. I did think that it was an unusual amount of groceries for only one recipe, but I checked out and lugged everything home...

Easy Mini Chocolate Sheet Cake - Baking Mischief

This rich and decadent mini chocolate sheet cake starts with a light and fluffy chocolate cake base and then gets smothered in a dreamy chocolate icing.