Paper mache a balloon

Paint balloon using color schemes. Tie in with weaving or coiling for th basket. Paper mache a balloon, pop the balloon, add string and a basket for spring class crafts. Could go great as a bulletin board theme (Kid's Soaring to New Heights in Reading.

Avión con rollos de papel higiénico

Toilet Roll Crafts - Paper Aeroplanes

Toilet Roll Craft - A simple and cute aeroplane to hang on the Christmas tree, make a sweet mobile for the nursery or just for zooming around the house in the thrill-seeking hands of your little ones

15 Manualidades para niños { varones } | Blog de BabyCenter

15 Manualidades para niños {varones}

Coches de carreras con rollos de cartón

Craft : Toilet paper roll = body Disposable plastic lids = wheels Straws = rod to keep wheel in place Paint paper roll, assemble car, race away!

Manualidades para niños: Aviones con rollos de papel

7 manualidades infantiles con rollos de papel

How to make a toilet roll plane, a simple and sweet handmade toy to take flight in the thrill-seeking hands of your little ones. Toilet roll crafts for kids.

Manualidades infantiles: Camiones reciclados

Manualidades infantiles: Camiones reciclados

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