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the words are written in spanish and have flowers painted on their sides, along with an orange flower
Segurito Blog: Descargar: Tarjetas para Mamá!
a card with two koalas on it and the words i love you gummy
Lawn Fawn Intro: I Love You(calyptus) - Lawn Fawn
a card with an ice cream cone on it and the words, you're the sweetest
Lawn Fawn Intro: Reveal Wheel, Reveal Wheel Sentiments, Reveal Wheel Speech Bubble Add-On, Sweetest Flavor, Sweetest Flavor Reveal Wheel Add-On - Lawn Fawn
a comic strip with two men talking to each other
a cute koala with a pink flower in her hair
a cute koala bear holding a heart with its eyes closed and pink flower in it's hair
Estuche en forma de koala Kawaii, manualidades para el regreso a clases | El Mundo de Isa
a black background with koalas and hearts
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a card with a pink camera on it and the words happy birthday written in white
Avery Elle and Perfect paper Crafting Blog Hop.