Decoración de birrete de graduación

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a group of people in graduation caps and gowns with faces drawn on their hats
a graduate holding up a sign that says mira mamma sin hacer tareas me gradue
six different key chains with pencils and erasers on them
Llavero maestra pasta flexible
a pink and white feather head piece with the word bride written in cursive letters
a red carpeted walkway with balloons and decorations on the side, in front of trees
Alfombra roja, graduación preescolar
an apple, pencils, ruler, and scissors are arranged on a blackboard
Suspensión de puerta maestra por DazzlinDoorzbyKristi en Etsy
the words are made out of paper and decorated with stars
Cartel para sacarse fotos!
three girls holding up a sign that says senorita maestraa in front of a brick wall
a woman standing on top of a table in front of a bunch of money signs