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the words in spanish are written on a piece of paper
Palabras útiles
the family members / members of la familia, father - e - padre, mother - hermano, son - herman
Ejemplo Lección 2 DMCT You need to get up! (Movie in English)
a poster with different words on it that say go to the gym and go to the pool
Go: collocations (info)
the spanish language poster shows different types of people in costumes and clothes, including santa claus
Describe people in Spanish -DESCRIBIR PERSONAS- vocabulary A1
spanish poster with the words in different languages and their corresponding phrases, which are used to describe
three different types of words in spanish with the same language as each word, and one has
Verbo TO DO – Hacer
an image of clocks with different time zones in spanish and english, which one do you think is the most important?
¿Qué hora es? en Inglés
the spanish words are arranged in different ways to describe what language they are, and how do