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four bottles with flowers in them sitting on a wooden table next to two empty bottles
Because we all love flowers & stuff II
many plants and vases are on the shelf
kickstarter campaign spruitje — april and may
Flora, La Paz, Plantas De Interior, Flores, Mantras, Positivity
Plantas para la paz interior
an info sheet describing how to use indoor plants in the house and around your home
Purifica el aire de tu hogar con plantas de interior
an illustrated guide to house plants in spanish
the different types of herbs and their uses
Perfuma naturalmente tu hogar
a poster with instructions on how to use water
Cómo crear macetas autorregables para un rincón de tu cocina
a plant in a basket sitting on top of a table
Cuidados básicos de la Sansevieria Trifasciata (Lengua de Suegra)
the 5 plantas repelenties de placas in spanish and english
Plagas repelentes de plagas 🐞
an illustrated poster with different types of plants in pots and the words plantas para principantes
🌿 Plantas para principiantes
a poster with instructions on how to grow plants in the ground and what to do about it
Cómo cuidar tus plantas de exterior
the different types of house plants in spanish
Plantas de interior con poca luz: Calathea ornata