El cemento sube enteros ideas

El cemento sube enteros

Look for one large driftwood mirror nickel faucet with old-school taps, driftwood mirror frame, polished concrete counter with integral sink, pebble sink (how do you get the toothpaste gunk out of that?

Great idea for floating bed to take advantage of the view-with built in desk.

Almacenaje detrás de la cama

Home of José Gandía-Blasco. I love this desk-headboard with the bed in the middle of the room.

Inspírate con estas galerias de imagenes de aplicaciones de microcemento en diferentes lugares, cocinas, baños, salones, escaleras, dormitorios, pasillos. Encuentra ideas para aplicadores de microcemento.

That concrete unit looks impossibly heavy. I wonder if its possible to recreate it with frame, board and a render of some sort?

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