Orgullosa de mi Bella Isla del encanto!
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an old black and white photo of some people on a dock in front of shacks
Foto de niños puertorriqueños jugando y compartiendo frente a su casita en la comunidad,"El Fanguito", Santurce c1937, San Juan | Puerto Rico
an archway in the middle of a building with yellow and green paint on it's walls
El Morro, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
El Morro, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
an old and new photo of a building in the middle of the ocean with water surrounding it
Presente y Pasado Fortín San Gerónimo del Boquerón Puerta de Tierra, San Juan…
an aerial view of a beach with palm trees and the ocean in the background,
Condado Beach - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)
Condado beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico
a green and red parrot sitting on top of a tree branch next to pink flowers
Cotorra de Puerto Rico
a small frog sitting on top of a green leaf
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El Coqui de Puerto Rico.
palm trees and hammocks on the beach
Puerto Rico Destination Wedding from Rebekah J Murray
San Juan Islands
a wooden walkway in the middle of some trees and rocks with stairs leading up to it
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La Mina Falls Walking Trail, El Yunque, Puerto Rico
many american flags are flying on the bridge
Bridge of the America, San Juan , pr
the full moon is setting over the ocean with waves crashing in front of it and an old building on the shore
Garita ( watch tower)....Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
a person jumping into a pool in the middle of a jungle with a waterfall behind them
Caribbean adventure
Gozalandia Waterfalls in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico >>> This place sounds amazing and you can run around and have the whole place to yourself if you go at the right time.
an aerial view of a waterfall surrounded by trees
San Sebastián
San Sebastián, Puerto Rico
there is a rainbow in the sky over the water and palm trees on the beach
Wunder Blog
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
an aerial view of the beach and ocean with houses in the foreground, surrounded by lush green trees
Fly BVI Limited
Piñones, Puerto Rico. Home of the mangrove forest and one national oceanfront, Piñones is a natural reserve located east of Isla Verde north of the International Airport. It is operated by the Department of Natural Resources.
the view from an airplane looking down on a beach and ocean with clear blue water
Find the Best Beaches in the World
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico