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Love this take on the stripey blanket pattern. Great for a baby blanket - lots of color and different patterns mixed.

TinasAllsorts' Stripey Blanket

...le green salmon After stitching in all the ends, I did a row of half trebles all the way round in pale pink, followed by treble clusters in aqua, then pale pink scallop shells in double trebles, with cream double crochet to finish. UPDATE: Julie has now finished her blanket and the pattern link above takes you to a page on her blog dedicated...

Que lindo!

Diamond Trellis Stitch Tutorial

A tutorial on how to crochet the diamond trellis stitch using front post treble crochet stitches.The written pattern for the swatch can be found at makemyday...

Puff or Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial - photos and video great for even beginners

Puff or Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial

I've taken to my hook like nobody's business the past few weeks and I've been blowin' and a goin' with that thing. I whipped up an afghan for my in the works bedroom makeover (sharing that soon, yay!) and even started on a stash busting afghan to help me get some more room in my yarn bin!One night while I was sitting there idly with a bunch of different colors all around me for this stash buster I just started whipping up a little bobble stitch piece of crochet fabric. There was no goal or…

Squared Diamond Granny Throw

I made mine with 3 levels: (a square within a diamond within a square) I used 5 colors of 7 oz skeins. Now the outermost color used almost all of 1 7 oz skein, and the rest in decreasing amounts. The skeins I used are 365 yds long. The innermost color used hardly a third of that amount, so plan your skeins accordingly.I

Rainbow sampler blanket - a free crochet pattern on

Rainbow Blanket - Free crochet blanket pattern - HaakMaarraak

Want to make a rainbow crochet blanket? Fancy trying a myriad of new crochet stitches? I've made the pattern for my crochet blanket available, for free!

Delicadezas en crochet Gabriela: "Corazón". Una selección de patrones

"Corazón". Una selección de patrones


This is my first time working the Entrelac Crochet. It's actually working a Tunisian stitch and then connecting as you go. It is a fast working process. I had to frog & start this blanket over (was pink/brown) because I ran out of brown yarn and the new yarn didn't match. If anyone is interested in this design, there are some videos of how to from Beth in Texas re=channel_v...

Daisy Farm Crafts: Single Crochet Chevron Blanket in Mint, Gray, and White

Single Crochet Chevron Blanket in Mint, Gray, and White

. click here! The pattern has moved to my new website!

tejidos artesanales: almohadon cilindrico tejido en crochet

almohadon cilindrico tejido en crochet

un mix de colores y relieve dan estilo a tu sillon. MATERIALES: 200 gramos de fibra acrílica semigorda en color negro y 50 gramos r...

Ravelry: meowmmy65's Mixed Stripey Blanket

meowmmy65's Mixed Stripey Blanket One mistake I made already - start each row from the right, moving left. Do not turn the work and go the other direction unless specifically stated. :/ (You can see this in the zig zag section where the stitches are gathered together. That should be on the back, no...