Planting the garden that is your life ~ ~  Art.

I need to remember this. Making time for art is not only important for my work but important for me too.

Sur cette image, une fille en robe est représentée avec des cheveux fait de corbeaux avec un arrière-plan blanc. En voyant cette oeuvre, j'ai ressenti de la tristesse, car c'est un dessin un peu sombre.

I blinked in dismay as her hair. or should I say crows, as they flew from her head. So I hadn't been going bonkers, her hair was made of sleek feathers. < tattoo inspiration for the night circus tattoo


Looks like a combination of Steampunk and work of the artist Salvador Dali. Surrealism and fantasy of the imagination. This image has been created using Photoshop for image manipulation.

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