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a drawing of a cat sleeping on top of a white wall with its eyes closed
a black horse with stars on it's head is framed in silver metal wire
Creatures of Self — Laura Benson
a statue is sitting on the ground in front of a building with columns and pillars
Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss 1793 | Dipinti rinascimentali, Sfondi carini, Sculture artistiche | Sculture artistiche, Dipinti rinascimentali, Sfondi carini
a person is drawing flowers and birds on paper
two white birds are flying in the sky
a black and white drawing of a woman on a surfboard in the air with her arms outstretched
Consciousness, Streaming, Stream Of Consciousness
Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)
watercolor flowers on white background with blue and orange colors in the middle, including pink
Gouache & Coloured Pencil Flowers Painting
lady moon is sitting on the crescent reading a book
Libby Frame Illustration: Photo
a painting of flowers in a vase next to a cup and book on a table