Tree Bookcase /

A tree grows in book-lyn? No, a book grows in tree-land? Either way, this beautiful Tree Bookshelf is a whimsical piece that's just as imaginative as the books

Bookcase No. 7

Bookcase No. 7 - Stepped display bookcase

Very Dr. Seuss-ish. - Green wonky topsy turvy curved curves curvy shelves shelving shelf abstract furniture

Wood bookshelves by Scott Blackwell. Very cool bookshelves for kids rooms.Seuss bookshelf, stacked Teacups bookcase, dragon themed bookshelf and many other awesome childrens bookshelves!

My dream summer room

Create a tropical escape by adding color with confidence. Throw the rules out the window and use colors you love where you’ll see them most often. In this living room, shades of purple on the ceiling, trim, and furniture unify the space.

100_1644 by gnarledbranch, via Flickr

100_1644 by gnarledbranch, via Flickr

killer mousey by gnarledbranch, via Flickr

mixed media paintings on reclaimed vinyl records. These records were far too damaged to play properly anymore and were destined for landfill.


Table Valentin Loellmann - Furniture Design - Galerie Gosserez - The "M.

detail by gnarledbranch, via Flickr

detail by gnarledbranch, via Flickr