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two white vases sitting on top of a table next to each other in front of the ocean
Vasi o sculture?
CartaiBassanesi - TonoSUTono - Cupido&Co: Vasi o sculture?
there is a sculpture made out of clay
My new bangle ¨Morrel Blanc¨
three pieces of art sitting on top of a white shelf
Couleur céramique 2018 | residence artiste
a group of white vases sitting on top of a stone floor next to each other
Lisa Seaurchin on Instagram: “62/100 of #the100dayproject I don’t know why, but I feel these ones, with little cupped protrusions are kinda characterful.…”
an empty white bowl on a white background
Shop Home Furniture & Decor Style Guides | Alfresco Emporium
a white ceramic vase sitting on top of a table
Lisa Seaurchin on Instagram: “4/100 of #the100dayproject Yesterday’s again. I’m making them on time, so far, but I’m not managing to finish them before the light goes.…”
vintage shell trinket dish with flowers and rings on it, next to the text diy vintage shell trinket dish
DIY Shell Trinket Dishes Aesthetic DIYS Easy DIY Gift Ideas
three seashells and pink roses on a bed
16.04€ |3 1 jabón de baño titular establece Shell de la concha estrella platos de cerámica de los frutos secos Fruite compota bandeja de la placa decoración del hogar|holder acrylic|holder towelholder napkin - AliExpress
three plates and two lemons on a table
Shellegance Small Blue Plate
Designed by artist Lucie de Moyencourt, the combination between bold colours and wavy print that resembles ripples on water, makes the plate a real eye-catcher! The plate is perfect for serving your favourite appetisers or for storing small items. Shop the full Shellegance collection here. PRODUCT DETAILS W: 20 x D: 26