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two grey elephant shaped pillows sitting on top of a white floor next to a blue wall
Storage baskets, wicker & rattan storage baskets | Cox & Cox
stuffed animals are sitting next to each other in the same pattern, and one is blue with white stripes
two pictures with different patterns on them, one is showing the same pattern as the other shows
Diy sew toy
an appliance is displayed on the table with other things to make it look like they are made out of fabric
a child's play mat with cars, houses and trucks on the road made out of felt
How to sew a rabbit doudou
The rabbit doudou by Barabàn kids The doudou is not only a nice and sweet present but also the ideal transitional object for the baby. Its usefulness begins from the moment the mother starts holding it close to her even before birth. In fact, the baby sees his or her main reference figure (mum) again in this way and, therefore, they often help babies to fall asleep without problems. All doudouches, in fact, 'smell of mummy' and, by absorbing her scent, give it to the baby, allowing him or her to sleep peacefully. There are different types of doudou, ours is made of certified organic cotton muslin in #teddybear or #rabbit embroidered by hand and customisable with the hand-printed name of the newborn 💗
an octopus made out of black and white striped material with eyes on it's head
two sheep shaped placemats sitting on top of a table next to some pumpkins
handmade*zakka | fabrickaz+idees