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Zwergenstüberl Friedberg
a yellow jacket is hanging on a white wall and there are flowers all over it
a bib with lace on the bottom and a bow tie at the top, in front of a cardboard package
2 Headbands + 1 Bib Set, New Baby Bib, Kids Lace Bow Headband, Baby Crepe Stain Resistant Bib Set
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two pieces of wood cut out to look like an ironing board with instructions on it
three bibs with different designs on them sitting on a bed together in the shape of animals
Baby Embroidered Aniaml Bibs Tiger-0-1T
SKU: BB15620 Main Material: Cotton Color: Bunny, Tiger, Squirrel, Dinosaur, Bear *Babies grow at their own pace. It's recommended to choose the size that corresponds to your mini's height and weight rather than their age for a much more accurate fit. Please also take delivery time into consideration.*The parcel only contains the bib. Other pieces or accessories shown are only used for photo props.
a woman standing in front of a white background wearing an orange sweater and jeans with her hands in her pockets
a woman sitting on top of a white table wearing a yellow sweater and khaki pants