cucarachita pajera

cucarachita pajera

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cucarachita pajera
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Little Mycroft's Christmas list! And he asked for a minion and it looks like one is on the way (aka a baby Sherlock). Sherlock probably skipped "Santa" and went straight to "Mummy". And asked for body parts to dissect.

Scandal in 221B c;

Greetings from school how are you guys? - I cant stop listening La Parfum De Fleur! Today in exam i was murmurin the melody and everyone said "shut up İlayda we're having a But I couldn't help myself -


If Mycroft had a bit less self-control. You moronic goldfish! Mycroft you still need to find your goldfish.

I'm sorry but yeah I'm really not #sherlock #johnwatson #sherlockholmes #johnlock

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This is true and basically Moffat said no. <<<NO WAY.•

This is true and basically Moffat said no.<<<Someone has to draw a fanart of aph China yelling at aph England like a madman while Moffat laughs in the background.


Only Sherlock could pull of the perfect "Are you kidding me?" look and be referring to the safety of skulls, not the fact that someone is trying to kill him.