Mandalas made from CDs! Try using Sharpies, puff paint, colored glue, or imitation stained glass paints. Source: New Mexico Art Therapy

motivos para bordar

Paisleys and others. I can see this as embroidery, a cookie design, patches on a cute tote bag, limitless ideas with this.

hermoso y facil de hacer

DIY Wall Decoration with CD-paint a solid color and then use scratch art tools to expose the prismatic silver underneath.

¡Brazaletes de agua! /

¡Brazaletes de agua!

¡Brazaletes de agua! /

Excelente idea para reciclar los discos

Recycling CDs with Creative Designs. String these together to make a window treatment or curtain for a teen!


Years ago I planned on doing the first loop of my dream catcher full of beads but ran out! I totally forgot until seeing this picture🤘🏻