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Caballero  - La Maison Simons -

Tuxedo jacket with jeans.the new cool -maybe not the mustache. lol but i like the jeans and tux. now only if i can get my mom to let me wear something like that to prom

Muy original!! Felicitaciones a los creativos, se te dibuja una sonrisa viendo el #packaging de estas ovejas ;)

News Of The Wooled Introduction To Knitting. Now everyone will want to learn PD. I love the boldness and simplicity of this typography paired with adorable and clever packaging for this product.

#Empaque para #pasta - geniosss

These playful pasta packages make noodles look like all types of hair. Moscow-based designer Nikita Konkin has made it hard to see any other box of pasta on the shelves with this clever design concept.