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DIY Handrope Weaving Art

How to weave a scarf on a frame loom — kaliko

First thing you need to learn when you want to start your adventure with weaving is how to warp a loom. Warp are all vertical threads you stretch between top and bottom beams. You will use them to weave weft - horizontal threads - between them. It’s important that your warp is stretched properly and

Beginner Weaver's Guide

In this beginner guide to weaving on a frame loom you will learn basic weaving terminology and techniques needed to get started and develop your skills.

10 Weaving Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to solve 10 common problems that weavers face while working on a frame loom. Don't worry- they come with solutions as well!

Montana Blue Heron

Montana Blue Heron - Contemporay Western Weaving. Unique Sculptural Weavings

Weaving Class: The Basics - A Beautiful Mess

If you learn one new medium this summer, let it be how to weave. It’s one of those...

Variegated Threads | Fibre Art Exhibition | Corridor Galleries at Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre | World of Threads Festival | Common Thread International Exhibition | Fibre Art | International | Canadian | Textile Art | Contemporary Fiber Art | Oakville Ontario Canada ****

akville Canada's 2009 World of Threads Festival. Traditionnal & contemporary art approaches to fiber arts, crafts & textiles. Call for Submissions and participants.

Weaving Techniques || Weaving with Denim | The Weaving Loom

Last week I tried weaving with fabric, so this week I wanted to try weaving with denim. Denim is a really neat texture, because it has a stiffness to it and has it’s own pattern in the way it is woven. I also like how it frays when cut. This again is a great opportunity to recycle/reuse materials. For the denim I used, I cut out strips from an old pair of jeans. As with the fabric strip from last week, I tried different techniques with the denim to see how it would look woven differently…

Community wall photos

Photo 1 from ETHNO's album Community wall photos from 12 June 2017.

Taking the Redeye to Ohio

This was a week when lots of projects came together. First, I finished the red-eyed tree frog piece, and I’m delighted with how it turned out. I think it’s actually cuter than the first version. He has a much more mischievous look about him as he climbs further out on the fern frond. He’s all packaged up and ready to travel to his new home. I’m also pleased that I was able to finish my new ‘Trail to the Clearing” piece. I’ve been taking pictures as the piece progressed, which I’ll share. I…

Little lost frog...

Completing projects is good, and I was able to finish another commission piece this week. It will be my last for a while because my summer shows are coming up and I need to turn my attention to making some fresh pieces for art fairs. I was commissioned to create a new version of one of my earliest popular pieces called ‘A Walk in the Woods’. I pulled out my big box of green chenille thrums, most of which my husband had tied together and rolled into balls. I think the greens look very crunchy…

Your First Weaving Project

This post is a continuation of my previous post where I showed you how to make a book into a loom, and we got started on weaving. We had a bunch of fun, so click here to catch up and be one of the cool kids who know how to weave! Here’s where we left off… … with just a touch of the sunset starting to emerge behind the