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a wooden table with many different colored buttons on it's top and two holes in the middle
Beer Can Creations
a toilet with blue and green mosaic tiles on the lid, in front of a white background
a blue toilet sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a potted plant
At home with Nancy Grace! The tigress turns pussycat at her new digs
a bathroom sink made out of blue and yellow mosaic tiles with a faucet
The sink I made for my kiddos.
how to chalk paint a picture frame
How to chalk paint a picture frame by Lara Roberts
an old wooden shelf with pictures on it
Repurposed Picture Frame Shelf Shadow Box - Prodigal Pieces
a green door with the words it might seem nuts at first, but it's actually brilliant to hang your door like this
It Might Seem Nuts At First, But It's Actually Brilliant To Hang Your Door Like This