Piggy Rolls - filled with pizza sauce, cheese and whatever else you like -For the grandkids!

Bacon Ranch Piggy bites - recipe calls from frozen bread dough, not sure if we have this in Australia, but I know my US friends will love this. So cute and I have no doubt they are yummy!

How to make dog bread

In our never-ending quest for items that fall in the nexus of dogs and hot dogs, check out these dog-shaped hot dog buns. Where can you get one to stuff into your very own mouth? Mix up some hot dog.

Bread bunnies

Easter Bunny Rolls This recipe is in another language, with no translation to English. Bunny rolls could possibly made with an easy sweet bread dough recipe.

PAN De QUINOA y CHIA Una buena opción para dejar la harina. Es un par súper nutritivo ya que contiene QUINOA (un cereal con indice glucemico muy bajo y lleno de proteína que aporta gran cantidad de amino ácidos esenciales). La combinación de la quinoa y chía dan una gran sensación de saciedad.

Gluten Free Quinoa and Chia Bread recipe. Not with a million different GF flours. Only chia seeds and quinoa!

Bunny Bread

Easter Bunny dinner rolls - so cute! Not sure I would have the heart to eat them tho!

Conitos de dulce de leche / Tres Tenedores

Conitos de dulce de leche

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