Yule Tree

I live in the southern hemisphere, so I have to celebrate Yule in June, separate from Christmas. Being a pagan in t.

Woodburned Gullinbursti

My second attempt at woodburning, after the runes I made years ago.

Wooden Runes

Woodburned runes on wood slices I cut myself from a branch of a pruned tree.

Tiki Lighter Case

Woodburned on real leather, recycled from some old purse. I used to use matches instead of lighters, but I got tired of fighting against .

Glass Runes

Those glass gems were sitting on my craft supplies storage for around ten years, and I could never manage to paint them because all the pa.

A Gnome and his Treasure Chest

Venecia gave me this plaster gnome statuette that time we went to the natural history museum, I just painted it =)


Made of plum wood (for creativity and protection), carnelian (vanishes anger and negativity) and copper wire (conducts energy).

Drinking Horn

I have like 15 more horns waiting for me to clean them and polish them. The strap was made from two broken bracelets.

The Four Elements

Made as replacements for the typical elemental candles, which I think are usafe for indoors use and don't represent the elements properly .

Wolf and Snail

For a friend, whose spirit animal is a wolf. Made of clay and some wooden sticks for the snail's tentacles.

Eostre's Bunny

Does Eostre even exist? Anyways the bunny is cute. It's made of clay.

Idunn's Golden Apple

Clay painted with a metallic ink pen.

Altar Centerpiece

Everything made of clay (except for the base and the moss, obviously). The middle-sized mushroom's cap can be removed and used as a candle.


A gift for one of my cousins' altar to the goddess Yemaya. Made of cardboard covered in glitter.


New handle for an old utility knife.