Seeds and Pits Mobile

Seeds and Pits Mobile

Black Bottle Table

For my mom, who asked me to make one. Smaller than the green one I made before, it's made out of plastic bottles and cardboard.

Ouija Boards

For my mom and my uncle, they saw them online and asked me to make some. Made out of popsicle sticks and magnets.

Ping Pong Ball Lights but without the ping pong balls

Ping Pong Ball Lights but without the ping pong balls

Macramé Earphones

Macramé Earphones

Sun Clock

Don't get confused with the sundial . So a few years ago I bought a bag of yellow sequins for a project that never came to fruition.

Fruit Pits Curtain

Holy fucking shit this goddamn curtain took me three fucking months to finish. I had to drill ≈ 1000 fruit pits, cones and other plant stu.

MR Lamps Wind Chime

In the spirit of getting rid of stuff I've had laying around in my crafting material storage for years, I finally recycled these things.

Lightbulb Baubles

An attempt of getting rid of several materials I've had lying around for years all at once.

Just a little weird experiment that I tried, of printing a papercraft globe (from here ) and gluing the pieces to a plastic ball.

Sisal Thread Lampshade

Sisal Thread Lampshade

Plastic Leaves

This is kind of a shitty picture, I know, but it was really the only way I could take a picture before using them. It's just a bunch of le.

Trippy Fan

My mom bought hand fans for the whole family some time ago. When we took them out of their bags, they happened to be decorated with religi.

Headphone Stand

Used to be a paper tower holder.

Newspaper Mirror Frame

Inspired on this tutorial , made from the mirror from a broken "infinity mirror". It's incredibly difficult to take pictures of mirrors wi.