Myst Book Phone Case

Inspired on this video , I'm not happy with the result but I was tired of making always the same pouches, had a lot of black eva foam.

T-Shirt Tote Bag

T-Shirt Tote Bag

Cassette Purse

My most recent set of christmas gifts.

Camo Backpack

Made from a very old pair of camo pants I bought when I was 12 and loved but obviously didn't fit me anymore. The pants were not big enoug.

Denim Cellphone Pouch

For my new cellphone. I don't even use it as a phone, it has no SIM card, I use it for playing games =P It's called Whitemoon because it'.

Another Cellphone Pouch

Another Cellphone Pouch

Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

Made from a very small shirt.

Cellphone Pouch

For my uncle's new cellphone.

Swirly iPod Pouch

For my new iPod Touch =)

Pink Camera Pouch

Pink Camera Pouch

Camera Pouch

My new camera is called Sam because it's a Samsung, and every picture it takes is automatically named "SAM_ =) So I embroidered h.

Rupee Purse

Slightly inspired by the rupee pouch from The Legend of Zelda.