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a wooden object sitting on top of a pile of tree branches with the words modern wooden com
Handmade wooden combs. by LostFoxIsland
Modern Beard Comb, Made of 100% natural wood. The teeth are made of Movingui and the handle is made out of African Blackwood. Perfect for hair, beard or on the shelf! Made in Montreal
a woman is combing her long hair with a wooden comb
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wooden spoons hanging on the wall with holes in them
Elizabeth Kitchen Spoons Set
Made With Love! The multi-uses Elizabeth Kitchen Spoons Set will make your cooking easier and happier.Made out of natural teak wood makes it durable, sturdy, odor-free, and easy to clean. Number of Pieces: 7 Material: Teak Wood
a wooden bird sitting on top of a blue surface
Bird-Shaped Door Stops
Rocking wooden Bird door stop, classic quirky and simple. Mom, you need this for your classroom!
three white cats sitting on top of a table next to a tree
Figures of cats made of wood
two wooden spoons sitting on top of a cloth
Green Wood Carving – Whittle & Stitch
four different types of wooden utensils on a white surface
meus + giveaway
two wooden spoons with faces on them are held up by someone's hand
two wooden spoons with carvings on them sitting side by side next to each other
a small wooden cat figurine sitting on top of a table
Fox sculpture by Perry Lancaster
three different views of spoons with wood handles
Cuillere en pommier – Apple tree spoon
Cuillère en pommier sculptée a la main. Finition par brûlage et huile minérale. – Hand made apple tree spoon. Burnt and mineral oil finish.