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a baby is sitting on top of a blue sheet with the words mi beautifulo in spanish
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a baby shower cake with teddy bears on top
Torta Battesimo (7)
Torta per il Battesimo del Piccolo Lorenzo
a blue cake with gold stars and a teddy bear on top
Moon and stars cake
a teddy bear cake on top of a blue and brown cake with white polka dots
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a blue and white baby shower cake with balloons on the top, teddy bears sitting on it
a table topped with lots of cupcakes covered in frosting and teddy bears
Bolos aniversario
a baby shower cake with a teddy bear and stars on the top that says baby
babyschower taart
babyschower taart - Google zoeken
there are many cupcakes with blue and brown icing
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Inspired by cupcakes seen here on Flickr. Thank you for the inspiration! I used a mold for the feet, onesie and bib. The little booties are hand molded. I think that they are my favourite.
a baby shower cake with two sleeping babies on top
Cupcakes Gallery | Cupcakes London
Boy baby bum cake