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Mind Blowing Recycled Pallet Creations: Those who don’t know how to reshape wooden pallets and who are not interested in reshaping them to get beneficial items | 20 kreatívnych nápadov na recykláciu kovových sudov

20 kreatívnych nápadov na recykláciu kovových sudov

Reclaimed drum barrel chair with matte black color made in America from actual recycled metal barrels.

Tires for the bath-not my first choice, but very creative and used in the proper setting (garage, mechanic shop, tire sales, auto sales) would be great.

Reciclaje elegante en la decoración.

Garage sink / tyre how to reuse and recycle bike wheels, rackets, used car tires and paddles for modern interior decorating

Otras ideas en las que puedes usar tus perchas de alambre, en este caso para colgar los rollos de papel del baño.

Ideas útiles para el hogar con perchas de madera y alambre

Wire Hanger re-bent for a toilet paper roll holder. Great for camping!are there such things as wire hangers anymore?

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Obsequios que la economía no impedirá que regales. ¡A reciclar!

Recycling Plastic Bottles Ideas What the fuck? Why make furniture out of old water bottles when you could just a) use a water filter and b) drink out of a reusable bottle? Or you can spend a day on this silly landfill craft idea.

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