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four different views of the back of a woman's breast, with text below
Physiology of Labor
Physiology of Labor | Williams Obstetrics, 25e | AccessMedicine | McGraw-Hill Medical
four stages of an effcalation in the utensils, labeled below
How Long Does Labor Really Last?
A Picture Guide to Childbirth
an image of the stages of genix and genix in men's utensils
3 Vital Stages Of Labor: What Happens In Them And What To Do
Stage 1 of labor
the procedure is shown with instructions for how to use an obstetric grips
Obstetrics grips
a woman doing yoga poses with the words did you know how to push at birth can impact
How To Prevent Tearing During Birth: Tips from a Labor and Delivery Nurse
10 Prenatal Yoga Poses & Their Benefits – SheKnows
Easy Safe Pregnancy Workouts To Prepare Your Body For Labor | Fit Pregnancy Workout s | Body by Bree
Sabrina Profile and Links |
a woman sitting on a chair with the words prenatal yoga poses for sciatica
Prenatal Yoga Poses for Sciatica
Key yoga poses to help you find relief from pregnancy induced sciatica pain. #sciatica #pregnancy #prenatalyoga
Prepare Yoga Body For Birth || Birthing Ball || Prenatal Yoga || Birth Preparation
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the words how to do a perineal massage for a easier labor
How to do a Perineal Massage
A perineal massage can significantly reduce your chances of tearing during labor and will help you have an easier natural birth. It is also very important if you are planning on doing hypnobirthing! This post has instructions on how to do it (including a video) – for you or your partner - what oils to use or not to use, benefits and when to do it. #naturalbirth #perinealmassage #hypnobirthing
Exercises for postpartum
Side Lying Birth Posture for smoother Labor.
Start at 34+ weeks🤍
Avoid a Cesarean with This Pushing Tip
C-section massage
C-section massage
C-section massage
Self massage techniques for c-section scar.
the diagram shows how to use an incorent posture
Adjusting For Labor: Prenatal Chiropractic Care » Read Now!
the instructions for how to do forward - leaning exercises
What is Back Labor? Must-Know Tips for Every Mama
the woman has four different types of pain on her arm and foot, which is what happens
Effective Acupressure Points for Labor Pains
the instructions for how to do an elbow and hand gesture with different positions on it
Labor Positions - Expecting and Empowered
Labor Positions - Expecting and Empowered
Labor Positions - Expecting and Empowered
Labor Positions - Expecting and Empowered
Labor Positions - Expecting and Empowered
Labor Positions - Expecting and Empowered
During delivery your provider will typically check you and the position of the baby. They call off numbers, these numbers tell where the baby is positioned in the pelvis. Different labor positions can be helpful based on where baby is positioned. We hope this information helps! All of this and more is found in our Prepping for Labor and Delivery Course!
a woman sitting on top of a ball with the words benefits of birthing bali
the benefits of pelvic infit for lower back and upper back pain
Expecting and empowered
Pregnancy workout routine - 2nd trimester
Best exersize for 2nd trimester 🤰😍