This is gorgeous! Substituting your favorite colors and beads and you have a magnificent piece!

This is beautiful and soretro I used to do lots of macrame and even have collected pieces over the years so bring it back!The Knot Studio Diamond Rain Macrame Wall Hanging

Secando..... | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

cool texture- leads to loads more wonderful pics of texured ceramics by Cris Couto.

Bandeja para galletas bandeja de la porción por Creativewithclay

Olive tray - Serving tray Cheese tray Colorful Pottery by Creative with Clay Charan Sachar

I love those faces

Kathy Boyland - stoneware ceramic impressions, Ugly heads are currently unavailable.

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Hand Wood Burned Wooden Spoon. Nautical by CraftyCraftsNSoMore

Items similar to Hand Wood Burned Wooden Spoon. Nautical, Hibiscus Flower, Celtic Knot, Freestyle Flower designs available.

Resultado de imagem para jarrones hechos con cartón                                                                                                                                                     Más                                                                                                                                                     Más

Resultado de imagem para jarrones hechos con cartón Más Más

Decorated Trays

I really like these, tons of glaze possibilities, good beginner and/or FM project

大谷桃子展 2009.1.28-2.15

Otani Pottery Studio Otani Pottery Studio was started by Tetsuya and Momoko Otani in It is located in Shigaraki, one of the 6 oldest pottery sites in Japan.