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an illustration of a black and white bird with the words god omens above it
Eggcat/란묘 ✨어우바쁘다바빠✨ on Twitter
an angel with large white wings and a demon head on it's back, in front of a dark background
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the devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pony horns he comes as everything you've ever wish for
Dare to Kiss the Devil (Published under Bliss)
a man sitting on top of a bird in front of a full moon
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a bat with the caption
Beauty In Darkness, by B. Vigil
a woman with an angel wings is walking on the rocks in front of a mountain
a close up of a bird with its wings spread
Raising.. by Saurav Pandit / 500px
black and white photograph of a person's hand holding a bird wing with wings spread out
3D Printed Fashion Show in Malaysia - Make:
a white feather floating in the air with a quote below it that reads, it's better than i ever even knew
luftige Feder - airy feather