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snowdrops, alzemes, and chemical warfare info - board poster
What links snowdrops, Alzheimer’s disease, and chemical warfare?
Snowdrops and Galantamine
a poster describing the chemistry of poisonous frogs
The chemistry of poisonous frogs, and how they avoid poisoning themselves
The Chemistry of Poison Frogs
how does giant hogweed cause in burns? info graphic by the science museum
The chemistry of Giant Hogweed and how it causes skin burns
Giant Hogweed Skin Burns Chemistry
an info sheet describing the chemical formulas for foxgloves, including flowers
The Chemistry of Foxgloves – Poison & Medicine
The Chemistry of Foxgloves
the chemistry of body fluid colours poster with information on how to use them for medical purposes
The Chemistry of the Colours of Bodily Fluids
The Chemistry of Bodily Fluid Colours
the color and aroma of roses is shown in this poster, which includes red flowers
Valentine’s Day Special: The Chemistry of Roses
The Chemistry of Roses
the structure of neutransmitters in different colors and sizes, with their names
A Simple Guide to Neurotransmitters
Chemical Structures of Neurotransmitters
a poster describing the benefits of stinging nettles and how to use it
The Chemistry of Stinging Nettles
The Chemistry of Stinging Nettles
a poster describing the history of spider venom
The Chemistry of Spider Venom
The Chemistry of Spider Venom
the chemical structure of dna poster with different types of structures and their corresponding names illustration
What makes up the Chemical Structure of DNA?
Chemical structure of DNA
a guide to the twenty common acids
A Brief Guide to the Twenty Common Amino Acids
A guide to the twenty common amino acids. Click 'visit site' to read more & download the PDF.
the schmdt insect sting pain index is shown in red and orange circles with information about it
The Chemical Compositions of Insect Venoms
The Schmidt Insect Sting Pain Index. See larger image at the bottom of the insect venoms post by clicking the 'visit site' button.
the chemical components of insect venouss info sheet with labels for each type of venous
The Chemical Compositions of Insect Venoms
A look at the chemical components of bee, wasp, hornet and ant venoms. Click the 'visit site' button to read more & download.