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two young boys standing next to each other while eating ice cream in front of a building
Do or Don't: Sharing Food at Restaurants | Cup of Jo
a man sitting on the floor eating something with scissors in his hand and holding an apple
aldrinvaldez: David Wojnarowicz Eating an Apple
two tacos on a plate topped with meat and veggies next to an instagram post
Lamb And Feta Meatball Flatbreads | Donna Hay
Lamb And Feta Meatball Flatbreads | Donna Hay
three glasses filled with blood orange juice and garnished with sage on the rim
A Cure For Seasonal Blues: Winter Recovery Kombucha Mimosa - Front + Main
Recipe — Kombucha Mimosa
a person sprinkling flour on top of a doughnut
Ya metidos en harina, con las manos en la masa ... Vamos a por otra semana. Todo llega y todo pasa! Solo de nosotros depende que algo quede y que sea para bien :)
mangos are arranged on a black surface with the word mango written in white above them
Day 9: MangoMango is a great fruit that comes from tropical regions in the world. It is very popular and common in countries like Mexico and India. Mango is a tropical indigenous fruit of Indian subcontinent.
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Kawashima kotori
an empty wine glass sitting on top of a table next to a bottle of soda
Double3xposure - princessconsuela: sean fennessy
princessconsuela: “ sean fennessy ”
a black and white photo of a pineapple
Photo (The Tides)
a green apple sitting on top of a piece of paper
still lifes 2013
Pear please!
a palm tree with the ocean in the background
↠ ᴘɪɴ: @sthaboutlara ↞
sliced pineapples on a wooden cutting board next to a knife and some leaves
* p i n e a p p l e *